Animated object into Simulation

Hi just doing an animation of a truck hitting a bridge and am using the game engine to calc the rigid body reactions of the bricks as they fall. :smiley:

its looking pretty sweet when all i had was a ball hitting the bridge but now its a little more complicated and i cant get it to work:(

i have rigged a lorry transporting a crane, set up low poly proxy boxes for the mesh to do the collisions with and parented them all to the bones of the rig.

I animated the rig as if it was hitting the bridge then set the game running to do the collisions.

problem is that the proxy objects that are parented to the rig don’t seem to move :frowning: so nothing happens.

any help plz
Thank you for reading/Helping

how did you set up your logic bricks? If your using actions instead of IPO curves the bouding of the object wont move

Thanks for the reply

Im using an armature Action on the rig in the logic bricks.
That will explain why it isnt working then.

is there a way put the armature action onto the objects as IPO or how else can i do what i need to do?

Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

no tpu cant use Ipo for bones, maybe you’ll have to parent each part as individual object and use IPO curve