Animated objects as particles - Is there a way to tell them when to start their animations?


I have this rather peculiar issue where I have an object with an animated material (also rigged meshes), and using it as a hair type particle on a mesh. The problem is that all the particles animate at the exact same time, that is when the actual instanced object does. I’d like to be able to control when these particles start their animations. In my particular case I have a rectangular mesh, and I’d like to start the animation of the particles in the center where the object’s origin is, and gradually move out in a circle gradient. But if there’s any other type of solution or approach to this issue please let me know!


Could you make a hidden circle the emitter (hovering over the rectangle) and keyframe a scale factor?

Nah, that wouldn’t solve my issue, but I actually found this tutorial after days of searching, and it does exactly what I want. The node tree is absolutely nuts, but it works at least.