animated parenting


this is the scenario:

character reaches out, graps a lead pipe, then deflects bullets with it

this is the logic:

character reaches out to the lead pipe, close to it, the lead pipe is parented to the hand, the hand is animated, then the lead pipe is un-parented from the hand.


how can i do this? blender has so many great features theres probably some possibility of it.

i saw something fromt he game engine, but this is an animation and not a game.

any ideas, hints, clues, tutorials perhaps???

i did a couple of tests, but they didnt turn out to good, and modelling the pipe animation as a seperate object, then they disconnect and it jsut looks wierd

i’d greatly appreciate any help


You can’t animate Parenting. You can use a CopyLocation Constraint on the pipe with the hand as Target. And another CL Const on something else (Empty?) where the pipe will fall. Then you put IPO’s on the INF(luence) of the Constraints - 1.00 for the hand and 0.00 for the Empty while he’s holding the pipe and 0.00 for the hand and 1.00 for the empty for when it’s dropped with varying influences on each while it’s dropping. You may also want to use CopyRotations on both objects too.