animated plane with static particles.

(Zweistein) #1

HI, How can i make a plane, with a static particles on it??
Per example i want to make grass that is moviong in the wind. the best idea is to make static particles on a plane that have the wave effect.

How can i make something like that??

(djphotoduck) #2

I don’t know how to do that with static particles, but you could use RipSting’s grass or hair generator and then animate the grass movements with a lattice.

I think you can find the scripts here:

I used this system to make my snake in the grass animation:

Best of luck!

(acasto) #3

I think you could use Blender particle generator with the static option. Then use the X, Y, Z force settings (I believe you can animate them) to make them move back and forth. I would be much easier then a mesh I believe. You would just set key, move the slider of the axis you want the grass to move, the set another key with the slider the other way.

Also if you use a mesh generator and a lattice, you risk running to many vertices.

(theeth) #4

Even if you animate a mesh (with a Wave effect, or Vertex Keys), it would not affect the particles. So the best way it with a mesh-based grass.


(acasto) #5

I don’t mean animate the mesh, I mean the vector force of the particles. So that when you make them static it looks like it’s swaying one way or the other.

(djphotoduck) #6

I may be wrong, but I don’t think you can animate the force on particles. That would be a nice way to do it, but I don’t think it is possible, unless maybe you could do it with python?

(acasto) #7

Sorry, your right. I could’ve sworn I read that you could. That’s sucks, I had a few projects I was going to do based on that, but I guess it’s not possible now. That would be a great feature to have though. It would be so much more real to simulate winds and such.

Dynamica will be great when it comes out. Does anyone know if it will handle static particles or not? We could really use something to do hair and grass and I was even thinking if you could animate the force vectors, you could dupliver leaves on trees and make them flutter in the wind. Oh well, I’ll just have to think of something else.

(theeth) #8

Static particles, as their name implies, are fixed, not animatable, so there will be not real point of having these. However, you could probably use the cloth dynamics to make grass (or hair, for that matter). Or maybe basic springs dynamics would be good enough for grass, I don’t know, it’s not implemented at 100% yet.


(acasto) #9

Okay, I was thinking the if you had static particles perpendicular to the plane. Then they were connected by the line or mesh or whatever with the particles acting like control points. But what the heck. These things are confusing me with the python and all. I have one month to learn C, gtk, fortran, C++, etc for a job I’m getting.

Coffee is driving my activities right now… :smiley:

(stephen2002) #10

unfortunatly, none of the particle settings are animateable. And yes, static particles just sit there. For grass, here is a thought that I had but never used.

Make a few individual blades of grass (about 5) and animate each one to wiggle in the wind using vertex keys. Make each wiggle a bit different.

Make a plane and subdivide it a few times and then fractal subdivide it a few times untile it is nice and dense. Parent one of the grass meshes to it and use dupliverts. Make more planes and keep parenting untile you run out of grass meshes.

It will be hard on the computer, but it should look pretty good!