Animated PNGs

I made this ripply animation as an example. The cool thing about PNGs is that their alpha channel isn’t two-bit like gifs, allowing for anti-aliasing borders to superimposed animations if you embed it in a page or something over a background, etc. I fully support the idea myself, I’d love to see it become universal, not just for firefox, opera, XNview, and some others…

(another nice feature is to have an invisible frame that will only display to people using a browser that can’t handle the format, as I used here… but hopefully the feature won’t be necessary in the future)

Interesting, I like the idea. The only problem I see with that is the load times - its going to be heavy on a lot of people trying to load the pages

2.5Mb for something like that is pretty huge.

What would IMO be cool, is a movie format that can handle an alpha channel. I have been using animated PNG’s (the old sprite method) in some software we created at work as movie files could not have transparency applied.

I would suggest that with GPU real-time texture mixing etc… that creating a method of applying alpha to movie files would be worth putting man hours into. Dare i say Nvidia or Ati should step up and create this.

Doesn’t MOV handle alpha channels?

Whatever happened to MNG’s, eh?

Died, I guess. But the APNG project looks alive enough to be supported by some major browsers.

(here’s an example of a smooth alpha channel edge)

I’ve got a great one for a sigpic, considering it’s quite small. 200 kb or so.


try flvs, f4vs, movs, avis. plus of course flash supports alpha channels…

quicktime supports an alpha channel. I didn’t know SWF did though, can a webpage background show through the stage?

So that the alpha channel is visible through other to other objects on a page?

The PNG group rejected APNG as an official extension for good reasons. It’s a real shame MNG was not (and now likely will never be) widely adopted within web browsers

If SWF files were as portable as images, embeddable in BB code and all that, I’d use them for sure. They are always extremely small, but on the other hand could get annoying with audio.