Animated Projectile Spell effect (Also, any suggestions for animating multiple projectiles?)

If there’s anything MTG taught me, it’s that before wizards can fight each other, they need magic stuff to fight each other with.

Here’s a spell projectile I made based on CG Patrick’s procedural fireball material tutorial.

It’s two UV spheres with different materials, with one rotating in place.

Sadly, using GIMP to convert the PNGs into an animated GIF gave it that strange circular artifacting. I’m guessing the combination of bloom effect and colors led to the format being unable to handle it all, because that blue circular halo definitely doesn’t show up when rendered into an AVI.

As a test animation, I used a Curve modifier and gave it Location keyframes.

Works like a charm.

My next problem is lobbing duplicates of these en masse at a respectable target. Plan A is making several bezier curves and animating duplicates of the projectile along these curves by hand. Plan B is learning how to programmatically instance and animate these things, combined with Object Pooling so I don’t crash my PC. And Plan C is particles(???) somehow.


With the curve modifier this make it look 2D. Interesting. Looking forward to seeing more.

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looks fantastic!!!
particles with a turbulence force?

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I haven’t actually played with the Blender particle system, yet. I might just wait until after the Node update before I play around with it.

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