Animated Render Border add-on


Regarding the previous version of your post (as you seem to have found out) the add-on has a version for 2.79 and a version for everything after 2.79, so the 2.8 version is the version that is compatible with 2.8+. Sorry for the confusion, I will make it clearer in the product information document that version 3 is for all versions of blender after 2.79.

Regarding the cancelling of renders, to quote the ‘Render Animation’ section of the User Guide (:slightly_smiling_face:):

The render can be cancelled by pressing the ‘Esc’ key on the keyboard. This doesn’t immediately cancel the render though, as the current frame has to finish rendering before it will stop.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Ray, I’ve been playing around with your addon for a couple of hours and it’s pure gold!

Bizarre that this functionality isn’t built into Blender!

I’m doing some motion graphics stuff where i need to render a small object moving around the screen with a very high Cycles quality setting and your addon is letting me render it literally 50 times faster than would otherwise be possible!

If you plan to update the addon, i’d suggest you add a “rotation” field to the “keyframe” section, so you can rotate the box in order to fit angled elements into a smaller area. And also the option to add the background color to the unrendered area.

Thanks dude!

Glad to hear that it’s useful.

With regard to your feature requests, unfortunately the render border is fixed to a non-rotated box shape (as this is just using blender’s built in ‘Render Region’ feature - the add-on just means it can be animated).

Adding a background colour to the rest of the image might be possible, but I am unsure how useful it would be as I expect a lot of the time the world background would be a non-solid colour and the only way to get that would be to… render it. I will keep it in mind though.


Alrighty, all good, thanks!

Mate, this addon is so genius, if you need it, you really need it, it’s cutting so much time off my renders!

:pray: :pray: :pray: