Animated seri making in Blender

Hi it is my animated serie
Produce in
More info:


all making in blender
See making off:

nice scene. Nice render. Did you used toon render?

Interesting! Do you have any tip or trick you learned in the process that you can share?
Like for example, hair (where I struggle) ? Or shader configuration to achieve the animated look?

Muito legal cara, a qualidade do personagem ficou ótima!

Thanks for all coments, i use toon render :slight_smile:

More pics:

This looks amazing. Great work, I would LOVE to see them move.

Q: How did you did the eyes?

Thnaks ristesekuloski i use drives for rig eyes :slight_smile:

France :

i use drives for rig eyes ???

no comprende :wink:

:)Hi Riste I Draw texture eyes and use drives for lookat and UV Offset modifier :wink:

That makes sense! Thank you! Please post when you’ll have some animations ready!

Animation test:

New video OP01:


Looks good so far! Keep it up!