Animated shader does not show keyframes in the Dopesheet

Hi. I realized that I need to click on my nodes to see the keyframes in the DS. Is it possible to see every keframe of my mesh just when I select my mesh. I can work like this, but I think it could be nice for the workflow in Blender to select a mesh and see the keyframes without the need to “hunt” the animated nodes in the shader and pick them to actually make them visible in DS.

Maybe this could be a small and useful update to the UI?

What do you think?

Not at my computer so i can not try but perhaps keying sets offer something in that direction.

Mmm. I never heard about this feature. Thank you

Still I think it could be easier to pick a mesh and see its keyframes

I’m having real pain with this problem. To see if my animation works, i need to play or slide the timeline line lol. Keynote indicators ag least tell me that I’ve successfully put something in - i dont understand their exclusion from timelines.