Animated shadows...

I have been working for quite some time with static alpha mapped shadows. But, is there any way of creating animated shadows in the BGE?:cool:

not particularly. i’d work on more important things first.

What’s more important than shadows!?!

bloom lighting

in this thread Monster used the orientation matrix to make a flat version of a model- basically an animated shadow. It only works on flat ground, AFAIK, but that might do what you want.

I would nominate content, overall gameplay, and quality of execution myself, but that’s just me.

those things are all overrated nowadays… it’s the little things that count ^^
shadows, bloom, motion blur, HDR, etc- the most important aspect of any game. even crossword puzzles wouldn’t be complete without 'em.

Have yo seen this thread in the resource section?

Okay, the idea of crossword puzzles with bloom is really funny. Anyone up for a game of chess with motion blur and depth-of-field?