Animated Short Film "Fall"

Thank you all for watching. This is my first short film. Any questions or comments feel free, and I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.

i thought it was pretty good work. For some strange reason, it made me think of the movie, Nausicaa in the Valley of the Wind, which is cool, since thats one of my favorite movies of all time.

Oh yeah? I’ve never heard of that movie, I’ll have to check it out though, sounds good…thanks

I watched the entire thing, and, it was awesome!

Lovely wee film here. Very professional feel to it. My only crits are that the tower is kinda hard to see in the first few shots and the characters feet slide as they walk. Over all though I really enjoyed the film. Hope to see more from you in the future.

@artigliphics: thanks for watching, means a lot…

@stevecameron: yeah I’ll watch out for the contrast and foot-planting issues in the future, thanks for the crits and encouragement.

Oh my gosh That was awesome! I have a question at the beggining of the film how did you get the material for the particles??

Thanks for watching dfwlucas, the particles are actually recorded with a digital camera…I shot dust on a black background and composited it in ‘add’ mode in order to preserve the lights and drop out the black background.

—Very intelligent! Perfect FX, really achieved. Keep up the good work!



Fantastic little piece. The only negative I saw was already mentioned: that of the sliding walk cycles. I’m in the pre-planning stages for my first real animated short, and if mine comes out anywhere near this good I shall be quite happy. :slight_smile:

The story was realy captivating, and the music accompanied the visul style realy well. You also got me when she jumped out the window I thought the credits were going to show once she blocked out the window. Realy nice peice of art :slight_smile:

Juan, Thanks for the kind words!

BTWriter, I wish you the best with your short, contact me and let me know when it’s up for viewing…thanks!

DustyKhan, Thanks for watching! I had hoped that little part might add a little surprise to the ending

Very good video! The only thing I would have to say about it is that the music was a bit simple and repetitive. But other than that I really liked it!

Thanks for your c&c alphabean11

Pretty good animation, though in some instances it looked as though the trees were spinning in circles really fast. I like the plot.

Very cool how did you make the flying bugs effect? was it done in blender?

What struck me most about this animation is that you definately have your own identifiable style, which I loved. One of the hardest things to achieve with any animation project is a unique sense of style. I can tell a Terry Gilliam from an Edward Gorey with ease even though both have inspired others (South Park and Tim Burton respectively) they are still uniquely identifiable because of their styles. Your animation has a strong sense of style in this respect.

I’d happily watch more of your work.

I watched the entire video and it’s great!Congratulation for another work of an art.RC Electric Helicopter

Me too. I think what I like the most is the design, from the characters to the composition and use of colour.
You should enter into this years’ Suzanne awards.