Animated Short Film "Missing"

Hi :slight_smile: This is my first time posting and all but i thought i might share the link to my HSC major project for IT Multimedia that i did this year. It’s also my first completed project in Blender that goes longer than 3 minutes, so there are a few bits and pieces that could do with some fixing but take a look and tell me what you think :slight_smile:

The animation was a bit on the slow side and the characters don’t blink as much as they should. It was a good start over all.

Yeah, I didn’t want the characters to blink it sorted seemed like over animated. thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

You don’t have to keep them blinking like a set of flashing lights. Just have to blink every once in a while.

That was really cool! I would like to be able to create something like this one day. You should post some behind-the-scenes images for us. That’d be interesting.