Animated Short Film "The Battle Of Britain"

So you made that? That’s pretty ‘Ace’. Nice use of 2D images for the backgrounds.

Top notch!!

absolutely amazing piece of work. great job!

I liked it! I Liked it!

I agree. Would love to see a VFX breakdown. What were images, what was modeled, etc. Great smoke sims.

Here we go then…

Ok, all the aircraft were modelled using blueprint backgrounds as guides. Textures were then created using photoshop cs3, and UV mapped. Smoke and flames are standard particle systems, as were the water splashes. Gunfire used particle systems rendering lines as opposed to points. Dover cliffs were modelled in some scenes using fractal subdivisions and heavy normal mapping. Other scenes used stock photography. RAF buildings were also modelled in blender. The Sea was created using specularity mapping and ray mirror effects.
I can upload the .blend files if you’d like to have a look

Well – it was obvious the planes were modeled, but I just watched as they flew through various backgrounds – was it just images that you slid or scaled back across the background, or did you use layers of images? Then one esp. neat scene was when a plane flew into a cloud and disappeared in the haze – how did you accomplish that one?

Good camera work 1:30 - end.

Great work, but some of these shots look like they were taken directly out of the dogfight scene from the Pearl Harbor movie…awkward IMO.

Great job, lot’s of excitement.

I’m working on a dogfight video at the moment, I would love to see the blends. And if you wouldn’t mind sharing where you got all the audio from that’d be doubley awesome! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Are you? I look forward to seeing it. I can upload them, (there’s quite a few though) as well as the jpg textures. Used mostly path animation for movement and extended IPO curves for prop spin - nothing too complicated really :slight_smile:
The sounds are mostly from various movies, and stock footage from youtube.

Although there were a couple of points where I think the planes motions were a little jerky, most of the cuts, camera angles and motions were spectacular. I especially like 1:10 to 1:30. Great work!

Thanks, the jerky movements at 00:28 and 00:48 were caused by trying to adjust the speed of the clip in imovie after it was rendered.
I probably should have just left them.

I can’r upload the .blends as an attachment, I think the file size is too large.
Any ideas??

You must have one hell of a work flow. I loved the creative way you used the particle system. I wonder just how many domains did you have to make for this. It seems like you made one giant domain for some of these shots. Great work.