Animated short film - "The Kitchen Escape"

Hey guys,

I’m very proud to introduce my first fully animated short film. The film was entirely created within Blender and rendered with Cycles.

It all started with me modelling a kitchen. When I got finished the result was quite good. So instead of wasting this piece of work and effort I put in it, I decided to take it as a scene. After that I created the character, the Orange. So now I had a set and a character and all I needed was a little story.

I hope you’ll enjoy the film and I’m up to all sorts of feedback!



That is one crazy citrus! The video looks great. I can’t really say much about it.

wow, nice camera movements.

Thank you very much!

Animating the camera was a lot of fun. Playing around with different angles and lenses with different values of depth of field was very educational :slight_smile:

Great! :smiley: :smiley:

Ha, loved this! Great job! I knew something would happen to the Orange at the end, but I thought it’d be a human picking the orange up again.