Animated Short Film-The Trinary Prophecy

Greetings all, I’m starting this thread as the main location for all artwork and progress updates to the short film I’ve started to create.

At this stage I’m still very much in the concept phase (trying to do it all ‘correctly’ and actually design in 2D first), before I deep dive in to Blender.

My main plan will be to document my progress and what I learn mostly via Youtube, while also posting some images here and looking for feedback. While I’ve already been working on it, on and off for over a year now, I’m only just starting to ‘make it public’ from the beginning as that allows me to be a bit ahead on content and helps to see if the progress I make actually works out before telling everyone about it.

As a bit of a jump ahead preview, here’s a current concept design for one of the main characters: Nyssa

To find out a bit of how it all started, I’m pleased to announce the first Production Diary (and as it turns out, my very first main Youtube video). To say it’s all been a learning experience would be an understatement, and it’s only just begun.

I hope you enjoy my first video and decide to follow along on what I expect to be a very long ride.

Current Thumbnail

As I start work on the next Production Diary, which will still be very much 2D concept work (as will the next few are likely to be), since this is a 3D Blender forum, here’s a look in to the future and the current early model status.

And yes, it’s a totally different outfit, for which there is a very good reason… but you will all just have to wait and follow along to find out why.

Greetings all.

As promised, the second Production Diary has been published:

Comments/feedback/requests/likes welcomed.


A quick little update to show an initial cloth simulation test. This was done to explore some of the techniques and workflow which will likely be required for the full character animation.

I’m working on a more complete Technical Overview video to explain what was tested and how its done from a simulation point of view. All being well it should be up on my channel in a few days, so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it :wink:

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As promised, I’ve just published a more in depth view of the techniques I tested out for the cloth simulation posted above.

Any feedback welcome.

Greetings all. I’m back with the next Production Diary, on the very important but seriously boring subject of project organisation.

In this first part, I go over my thinking of a folder structure that will be needed for the production going forward.

As always, comments/feedback/requests/likes welcomed.