Animated Short for Australian Effects/Animation Festival!!!

(LohnS) #1

Well i am proud to announce it is FINISHED! =DDD

managed to make the whole movie in under a week (and lost a lot of sleep :stuck_out_tongue: ). 4 days blending 3 days rendering, and i had to go without motion blur unfortunately to make that deadline.

OK well without further ado heres the link…

~20 meg unfortunately, had a lot of compression problems and this is as low i could get it, and i had to use .mov

Do take into account it was very rushed and i couldn’t tweak the shots nearly as much as i would have liked =/

(Andy Goralczyk) #2

i luv it!!! soooo amazingly great… wooo!

real crit: that’s a nice animation, i like the sound very much.

i hope you win the competition :smiley:

/me thanks you for reading one of his insane breakouts

(Bapsis) #3

Well, 1 hour to make the mov an avi (Bink video), then resized it in Virtual Dub and added DivX compression, then watched it and realized that i goofed somewhere along the lines 'cuz there was no sound…LOL!!! Good thing i heard it on your large version!!! :wink:

It was worth it to watch tho, you did onehelluvajob on it!!! I wish you the best of luck on the contest and good on you for spreading the word out there of The Great B!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Riskbreaker) #4

Man…I wish i could see that…Im on a dial-up connection here. Maybe when I got some time to kill (or maybe i’ll leave the conncetion on all night)…but if @ndy says its good then i guess i better get a look-see :slight_smile:

(jordanH) #5

Great Video!!! i am on 56k so I had to download it while i slept…really enjoyed it though let us know how it does in the Competition

(Bapsis) #6

You know, im suprised that this vid didn’t get more responce, because its quite awesome!!!
I think the reason may be that the file is too large for the average users modem, and the resolution is too large for people with s#it computers like me. :wink:
So, having said that, can we have a smaller version Neo??? I’m sure everyone would like the chance to see what you have done because its very good and deserves to be seen by everyone.
Anywayz… :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(basse) #7


where’s the frog?


(Skates) #8

nice job man, downloaded it at school, looked pretty cool. Also the music was cool. The only caveats that I would point out were the camera movements in the beginning over the canyon- looked a bit unrealistic to me, but you’re right that we need to consider your time constraint. All things considered, excellent!!!

(Zweistein) #9

Very very cool.
I like that much.

(S68) #10

Excellent… so sad for all those compression artifacts :frowning:


(sten) #11

Great stuff

really nice actionscene…one pf the best ever seen in Blender community !

and music too !

maybe you could have had Sorensen 3 instead…better than Sorensen

my experience :wink: !!

I hope you will Blend the guy as the festival !

(BgDM) #12

I still can’t get this thing to show video!!! :x :x :x

What are you guys using to view this with? I have Quicktime 6 and all I get is the damned sound.

Very frustrating.


(S68) #13


Quicktime 6 has lots of problems for me too!

I also get only sound UNLESS I go with mouse on a menu (one, random) and fake an action.

Then image shows :o

I must then keep cursor in the QT window and do nothing else or image will freeze there :frowning:

Furthermore QT screws a lot of widgets… now all the widgets (iconify, maximize, close) of all my windows top right corner are dark grey noise :o

I love DivX!!!


(Riskbreaker) #14

I finally got this film downloaded…freakin cool, dude :smiley: .
Me likey a lot.

(stephen2002) #15

please try and avoid QuickTime like the plauge. Overall, the compression is not as good and ends up being huge and low-quality all wrapped into one package. And their (windows) player stinks, you can’t put it full-screen without buying the “pro” version and it sucks down a lot of CPU. Also, it trys to save it with feilds, which genereates nasty comb effects.

Well, enough about ranting about Quick Time. The video was pretty good. The spaceship was a bit too low-poly. The movements were good overall. It was a bit too fast in my opinion.