Animated short "Myth"

Seeing progress throught out project is inspiring. Also it is a great portfolio for further projects. Showing people prototype design and step by step illustrations builds trust and high interest

Thank you! We inspired our progress) now done 18 scenes of 25…

Awesome project! Keep up the good work! :slightly_smiling_face:

One of characters

And I have 2 travels in this year for search refernses of nature and old building.
This nature album, Ergaki, Siberia
This old building Vulnus city, Litva

Render for second-plane character

Hello everyone!
We create teaser and will finish soon.
I need your advice. How we can do light in EEVEE for this result? Lightpoint have in street, light rays go across window until floor.

What we need to have in final


hi guys! I have trouble…

Why the candle have emiSSSion in down end? How I can fix it?