animated short

i made an animated short film with blender. you can see it here:
i would love to know your thoughts

The short in itself is pretty good and the moral message is ok. Not so keen on religious messages aimed at kids though.

Nice Animation and good sound mixing.

very nice! actually impressed by the initial landscape, how did you do the gravel road?

that’s one good short you’ve got there. Would like to hear some background info about it, like how long did it take? Should’ve really taken some time when there were only tree who made it (if I’ve got that right). Why did you make it? Did you just feel like making a movie or was it a school project?

That’s a nice little story :wink: … animation could be better (rhythm is often to slow, camera movements are to linear so animation is sometime a bit boring. I think your 4min30 animation can be a 3min30 animation only by changing global rhythm). But it is a very nice begining ! Is it your first animation ?

Good job again :slight_smile: !

thanks much to all :slight_smile:
about gravel road - this is just large texture
we made it for about 2 months, and we are only three :slight_smile: .I work as a freelancer and decieded to do this short just because we wanted. its pity that there is not time to make more of these. i enjoyed doing this.
this is not my first animation, but most time i work as a modeler and this is just personal project :slight_smile:

Obviously a lot of effort – doing a short like this takes a huge amount of work. Just following it the whole way through to completion is an accomplishment. Way to go.

Personally, I think you could have worked the actual character motion a more – it seemed “swimmy” or “mushy” very often, like after motion was achieved timing wasn’t tweaked or adjusted afterward. The poses were pretty non-dynamic – how would your extreme poses have looked as stills? Would they have told the story as a slideshow?

Anyway – something to shoot for next time. You’ve shown you can pull off a short project – now focus on the character animation.

Nice work joxer! Good animation, and great concept. Nice job all around. I look forward to seeing more of these videos out there. Keep it up!