Animated Strokes

Is there a way to create animated strokes in Blender? I had hoped that I could simply apply a time IPO to one of the paths in a BevOb setup but no such luck. I’m fairly certain that it could be achieved by alpha mapping an animated texture to my bevob but that leaves a lot of unnecessary verts in the sceen that are not visible during certain points in time yet have to be rendered, plus I’m really not that sophistcated with textures and materials yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Blender convention videos described a way to extrude an outline to a curve and alter the profile over time ie. make the outline traverse the curve path. Don’t recal which video I’m afraid.

Doh!!! Thanx David, I’ll look for it now that I know what to look for.

  • Create a curve/path. Set it up so it looks like a stroke
  • Convert to mesh
  • Optionally remove non-stroke parts
  • Add modifier - build

Note however that this way the speed is not length-costant but node-constant: it depends on the distance between curve nodes.