Animated texture awesomness.

Hello all.

I am looking at a new 2d game project and before I get too far down the wrong track I thought I would ask a few questions.

I have played a few 2d blender games and all seem to do what I cant. If I have an animated sprite sheet of walking say, so when I press left it replaces the mesh with walking left but starts half way through the sprites.

A better example of what I’m trying to do would be an explosion. bomb falls and collides with ground, replace mesh with explosion sprite. Alas, the explosion starts halfway through or at the end and plays a little of the beginning.

So my question is this, can I initiate the animated image sequence?

Or if your reading this and thinking ‘why is he replacing the meshes?’ I would like to know if that’s the best way to make this sort of game. Just a whole lot of meshes on a hidden layer that swap out after certain key strokes.

Ive had a look around and found similar unanswered questions so I hope someone can shed some light on the topic.

Thanks in advance. :eyebrowlift2:

Or any examples of ‘good’ 2D games that I can dissect?

Ah, this is all very interesting and helpful. Thanks so much. Can you tell me more about the Sprites module? Is it part of the API Documentation?

No, the Sprites module is a Python module that I made. There’s an example file that shows how the module works (as well as the Sprites module itself) included in the link I provided in my previous post.