Animated Texture Issues

I’ve been trying to get animated textures working for around 3 hours now and I just cant get it working, the method where you make an array of images in one looks like a huge hassle so I tried the other methods with multiple images and .avi files with absolutely no success D: I have a .gif file I want to make into an animated texture, but isn’t working. Can someone help me?

yes, animated textures could be a “hassle”…
You could try the new “video texture” method, maybe easier:

Thanks man, i’ll definitely try this out :smiley:

Allright, just installed like 6 converter programs so I could convert the gif file to .avi and it took forever to get it to work with tons of problems. What should i convert it to and with what program should i use without changing what it looks like and everything?

you can use blender video sequence editor to import the image sequence then save it to a .avi