animated texture (movie)

well, i’ve searched a bit on this topic and it seems that it isn’t possible to load a sequence of images on a plane…that suxx :slight_smile:
i find two ways:animated textures(uv anim with grid) and change mesh
but what i want is to have a short film (5min) to appear on a plane (like in duke 3d)

is this feature planned in future versions? cause it is really needed

It is possible. Just apply a movie (avi) to the plane as a texture mapped in uv. Don’t forget to select the “movie” button in the texture window.


What movie button?

Where is it?

It only works on render engine

so in gameengine, is there other ways to do it?

play .avi or .mpg(movie files) Cant be done blender. I hope this will come in the future

:smiley: Well Norj is partially correct. Playing avi or mpeg files can’t be done directly in the blender game engine as it is right now. However, with gorgan_almi’s cut scene player you can play avi or mpeg files. It was created in 2002 and I think he’s in the process or will be in improving it some more. I think it currently uses VB to make it work or it used to.

Well anyways, here’s the link and have fun.

Jason Lin

Welcome from poland. Where I can find this file (avi in game engine) your link does not work…
There are also other programs that can play movies in the game engine :wink: … But this one is the easyest one to use i think

thanks again :slight_smile:

lol :smiley:

is it possible to get animated gifs there? becouse i wont a lip sync texture animated