Animated texture?

(garbager) #1

Here’s my problem.
I ca animate the material of an object, no problem.
But I don’t find a way to animate the texture.

I’m trying to make animated clouds. Not only sliding clouds, but animated. When I discovered clouds2 and other plugins to ehnace the oiginal cloud texture of Blender., I saw a seed value that mad eme thinks of some Max material.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be animatable. So can anyone give me a trick to gives my clouds an illusion of life rather than a poor sliding effect , in order to make them look ‘alive’?

Thanks to the community…


(VelikM) #2

In the Materials IPO window, the OfsX, OfsY, OfsZ control the texture position. Try applying cloud textures to mist in the World settings and animating the texture then applying that as an animated texture.