Animated textures, Multitextures, Mist, DOF, Motion blur, blur the background?

Hi guys im progressing in the game, :wink: im using lots of animated textures to make things look pretty, are they heavier even if are just the size of a regular texture? And do they need to have the premultiply and color un-pre… To work correctly?
I cant get them to look as i want unless i have both options check under texture panel.

Normal maps and multitextures dont work with out GSLS, unless baked right?

Theres a way to control mist, perhaps with python?, what i try is so that it stays away from everything i have on screen and im interacting with, but so that it gives a nice touch to the objects far away. I have months playing with the paramethers with out result, and always dims the floor color, unless i set it to “no mist”, wich makes the ugly borders of the floor show at the end, i want the mist to dim the floor in a fair distance.

Its worth DOF for BGE? does it takes much ram?

And what about motion blur, how about the ram?

Some games when you take cover under a box or something blur, everything about 30 meters away from you, is it a filter or has anyone attempt this?

Thanks kindly to everyone!