animated textures

I’ve recently been acquanted with the uv mapping method of applying images to faces but I can’t figure out how apply quicktime movies as animated textures. I select the face, open the file in the uv editor but nothing shows up. When i open an image it works just fine. Could it possilbly be the format of the movie clips themselves? Any help is much appreciated.

Could be, but I don’t think that you can have a movie texture UVMapped. I’ve never tried it.

To do it thru the Materials see here:

Now, if you’ve UVMapped the Image in the first frame then you can goto F5, MapImput tab and change the ORCO mapping to UV and see if it’ll map the rest of them correctly.


thanks for the response. That is a good work around for now but i’m interested in using movies as textures in the game engine, where, unless i’m mistaken, must be textured with the UV mapper. Anyone know how to do this? thanks.