Animated textures

I have a problem.can someone please tell me how to make animated textures in games?or are there any tutorials out there?i need help

Try :wink:
You can find all kinds of neat stuff with it.Apparently, if you search for animated textures, there’s something like 136,000 results.

It’s not like any of them could be tutorials… Or is it:eyebrowlift2:

Colin Litster tells all about textures, animated and otherwise.

You will find this link and many others in the file in my signature.

It explains one way to have animated textures, maybe the easiest way.

Just remember that the tiles start at the left bottom and progress to the right, then left going up one row and to the right, etc. And they will not work if you have ‘use blender materials checked’.

Also, there are several scripts to animate things like lave and water. And you can do it with ipo’s, and bones, and, well that all I can think of just now.

oh thank you very much

But now you have to show us the .blend so we can see what you did with the animated textures? Or at the very least a picture? Smile.