Animated Thesis Film: We the Divided

awe inspiring work! love the attention to detail

wow, totally awesome, I just can believe that you did that long project full of details on highest level by yourself in 2 years,
could you tell me the secret, how many hours did you spend weekly to work on this project?

wow!!! this is jaw dropping - the whole design is amazing, the animation/mocap does a huge job of creating realism… lighting, texturing, effects. I’m flabberghasted :slight_smile:
Two years well spent, I must say. This is really an inspiring result.

Obis_81: There were many delays due to computer failure, but when things were running smoothly I probably averaged 15-16 hours per day ( usually 7am to midnight ) for many months.

holy cow! this is incredible
5 stars no doubt

Hot Damn! Thats like 2 fulltime jobs back to back. How do you feed yourself and keep work/life balance in check?

Congrats on the film man - If I could give it 6 stars I would.

Just finished watching the film. For the critique, Got bored, I did not even finish it, the story did not flow well at all. Movie could have used an outside editor to remove some unnecessary parts or scenes. Example, one time the guy jumps off a building or onto a building turns rockets on to cushion landing, another scene the rockets do not cushion landing and falls on a car (which should have been more dramatic, kinda hits the car in a video game way - been nice if that was slow motion (even though this scene did not work)). The end was just over over dramatic and long, that is why I got bored. Also, I did not like the video game look of the movie (personally). Somethings you put great focus on (like the truck wreck when the guy hit the building) some things and others were just blown off - Like when the blew the buildings up, these guys committed a serious act, and very little time was put onto the building explosion or emphasis on that scene. The explosion was terrible really.

I thought the rocket scenes were outstanding, SERIOUSLY LOVED IT! I could have watched more of that. Could have made a great chase movie with that alone. Being that you had to shoulder this on your own, I would give it a 4/5, editing, would have bumped it up to 5/5.

Big triumph on your part and definitely something to be proud of. Everyone who see’s this will walk away with there own feelings and I am sure in school they are teaching you to be open to critique, if you listen to it, it can only help. Ultimately, whether I like it or not, does not matter. The movie showed SKILL, creativity and of course promise. Definately, like it or not, the movie was impressive!

Excellent job.

Talkblend: Yes, I learned many lessons from this project. I’ve heard these comments before so you’re in good company. All I can say is that I have high hopes for the next film. It will most definitely be shorter in length…around 6 minutes.

As do I look forward to it. Definitely a promising future in animation. Can’t wait to see it.

This is bloody incredible, both in that it looks great, and in that you were able to complete such a long-term project almost solo. I’m looking forward to your future work, for sure!

The limited access to the film will end tomorrow night ( Friday 8pm PST), but the blog will remain, and a trailer will be added so that there is some form of final footage available for review. My thanks to the 600 people who visited over the past 5 days. Double thanks to those who took time to comment.

UPDATE: Since the traffic on the videos is still relatively high, I’m going to extend access to the film through the weekend.

great fantastic work!

Over-all, an incredible effort for someone “just learning”. The scope of it is immense!

If I understand correctly… you used Blender basically for modelling and texturing, and then Maya for rigging, animating, and rendering?

Inspiring film you have there. I saw a couple of glitches of limbs intersecting each other but that didn’t distract from the over all quality of the film. I loved the rocket boots and the overall scale of the story. Good work and I really can’t wait for your future projects.

MarkJoel60: Yes, I used blender for all the modeling and UV mapping. I also used the “record game physics to IPO” function to generate exploding debris, the movement data for the ragdolls, and the motion of the cars.

Wow! This work proves both creative and “blender-technical” skills. This is quality from start to finnish and I still can’t believe it is made by one person! It show that you master several important key features as an artist. From story to 3d work and not to mention the cinematography and camera work.
This short film is on my top 5 list of Blender shorts I’ve seen.

And I can not believe that it hasn’t been featured on! Shame on someone…

Looking forward to see more of you in the future.


expRado: Thanks for the positive remarks. This film was definitely the hardest homework assignment I’ve ever had. Most of the time it felt like a research project rather than a clearly defined artistic pursuit. I was scrambling the entire time. It was brutal.

Okay! The limited online screening is now over. Thanks for visiting!

Feel free to check out the production notes and the HD trailer for the film on the blog:


Why limited?

Would have liked to see it.