animated tile textures crashing blender ge

hi, every time i start putting in animated textures in my game it starts crashing for unexplained reasons. i am running a mac book pro with a ATY,RadeonX1600 video chip. I was wondering if it had something to do with the resolution not being a multiple of 64 or if it just uses to much memory. There was a lot of discussion here but there seems to be no solution. any ideas?

oh and i was also wondering if there was a way to control when the animated textures started/stoped playing through python?

thank you.


edit : just found a website that has examples of controlling animated tile textures in the ge:

its the tile tex 5 in 1 and it even has instructions in english

this is probably old news but i am excited

edit again!!: while in the process of figuring out the new texture script i found on the above website it seems like they are running much smoother and not crashing the ge … looks like i killed two birds with one stone.