Animated title card for production company

We are seeking an experienced modeler and animator to create the title card for our independent production company, Brilliance Films (in case you’re unfamiliar with the term, the title card is the short sequence in which the name of the production company logo is revealed, which plays before the movie begins). The sequence that we’re thinking of will begin focused on the cover of an old book with a dusty, rugged leather cover, sitting on a plain black floor with no texture - the ‘world’ of the piece will be absolute blackness; the floor will only be conveying that the book is not hovering in empty space. The book will flip open, pages rustling in the wind, and when the pages settle light will shine up from the pages. The words ‘Brilliance Films’ will be materialized out of the light, hovering above the open, glowing book. We’ll be needing complex textures and smooth, professional-looking animation for this. Reply with examples of your work that is applicable to show your ability to complete this project, and your desired rate.

I look forward to hearing from all applicants!

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