Animated Treads:Help!

Does anyone know a good way to make tank treads without using any kind of curve modifier? Also, the animation needs to be bone animation, not texture or vertex. I am exporting for Ogre format and Ogre will not recognize the curve modifiers for Blender.


Apply the curve modifiers before exporting.

If I apply the curve modifier, the treads move around as 1 solid mesh. They no longer travel along the curve in any way. They merely retain its shape and move as a whole.

Here, I made a video to show you what I mean.

The steps I take are:

  1. Create cube
  2. Array cube and apply modifier
  3. Create Bezier circle
  4. Set arrayed cube to follow bezier circle with curve modifier

    At this point, I have working treads. But I need them without the bezier circle, so heres my problems:

x) I apply the curve modifier to the arrayed cube = no longer follows path. Instead moves as a whole.
x) I remove the bezier circle = no longer retains curved shape.

Plus, I need to animate these things with bones anyway. Ogre only recognizes bone animation and shape animation.If anyone knows the solution to this problem I’d be very grateful. I’ve been stalled in my progress for 2 weeks now.

Hmmm… If Ogre doesn’t recognize modifiers, that means each thread would have to be animated individually… Can you export animation to Ogre?

Bone animation is my best bet. It’s the only kind that works with ogre besides vertex animation. I am looking for the best way to make treads and animate them with bones.

Ha! Nevermind. I have found a decent way to do it with bones and tracking. It’s a little unorthodox, but it works! I will post here soon when I get a finished example in case anyone in the future runs into the same problem.

Sorry for the delay. I’d hate to leave this problem unsolved for anyone else with it. Here is a video of the method I came up with to make bones function like treads without a curve modifier:
Click here

The video is pretty basic, not much of a tutorial, but then again I am pretty much a newb to blender in general. I will post a better more detailed tutorial later on. If anyone can put a nice spin on this with any kind of constraints or modifiers to make it easier, or improve it in any way, feel free.