Animated TVC: Bridgestone Gecko

Here’s a project my co-workers and I recently finished, and is currently on air on Australian television. The studio I’m working at has done quite a few of these ads for Bridgestone, with the gecko character, but all the past ones were made before I started working here, done in 3DS Max.

Thanks to all the awesome new animation tools, we decided to re-make this last one completely in Blender (well, animation and rendering at least - all the modelling was done in Max) and I think the results have worked out a lot better. It took us about a week and a half doing rigging, animation, lighting, shading, rendering + a few rounds of tweaks.

Animation here:

Nice, haven’t seen that one yet.

Love the gecko! Do you find animating a lot different in Blender (read: easier) compared to max?

I think you’re making history, congrats! :slight_smile:

Do you have a link for the 3Dmax version, so we could compare them?

nice mate!
could you tell a little bit more what were the new tools you used?


What, no finger bones? Cool new TVC tho’. I always thought your studios stuff was all imports, great to see I’m wrong. And you say rendered too… wow. Is it all traced? What kind of lighting setup do you use, looks slick.

Go Blender.

great! that little guy is always fun.
the only thing missing is the comedy stunt that usually befalls him.
it has come to be expected that something will happen to the little guy, like in all the other adds.
possibly the wheels at the start chasing him or the text at the end moving so he falls.
Ah well, probably finished anyway.
still, when using a tested character, the attributes that make the character popular should always be kept. this add will not be as popular as the others.
lol, don’t mean to rain on your parade,
it’s fantastic that you used Blender this time round!

cheers dudes!

jjj: I just did the lighting/shading/rendering, I don’t animate much and haven’t animated much in Max at all, however our animator tends to prefer animating in Blender nowadays, especially compared to the quite rigid Biped in Max.

Hippie: There should be some on the website. I should be clear that I’m not trying to bag out Max here or start some silly war, both are quite decent apps. It’s just nice to be using Blender interchangeably now.

basse: well, some of it is not so new, but just the nice little things aligorith has been doing have made a difference - the constraints refactor work (transform constraint etc), driver options, path cycling, etc. Unfortunately we started just before the mesh deform came in, but we’re using that now and it’s great!

David: It’s a few buffer spot lamps (key lights, rim, bounce, etc) with some extras scattered around for only spec highlights. The reflections are reflecting a combination of the environment (with emitting lightbox planes) and a blurred reflection map. There’s AO baked into the non-deforming props, and a bit of AO on the gecko.

Meta-Androcto: Well, it’s only a 15 second promo, there’s not a lot of time for that. In any case, we didn’t make the script/storyboard, that’s supplied by the ad agency.

fair enough, their loss.
They probably had too many complaints about the Gecko’s indignities.
well done tho, it is a great contract to have,
i hope to see more of the Gecko’s Blender version in future adds also.

that is great!!

Really cool. I love the reflections on the TV’s chrome faces and the big sign. It just shows what you can get from BI if you work at it. It would be great if someone did a “studio Blender” book that showed you how to do pro-quality renders with Blender.

awesome ^^ love this word and the animation. again a proof that blender can handle professional tasks

Good to see Blender getting some air-time. The tyre at the start that stays facing forward was a little strange but it might have looked worse the right way round. I thought the Lizard animation was nice and smooth. Good modelling work too and a week and a half turnaround time for that length and quality is great.

It’s bizarre hearing an Australian ad, I remember an Australian comedian over here commenting on how the word ‘know’ somehow changed into ‘noy’, I didn’t realise it was that bad.

NIce work excellent animation well done :slight_smile:

Jeez Blue whacha mean, dont rekun we tork that strainge, hey? Mate?

Nice! Just saw this tonight on Channel 10!
It’s brilliant!

Hoots mon, och ye talk awfu’ funny.

No’ like us Scots. a’body kin understaund us :eyebrowlift:

Ah wis jist ootside in the cauld yesterday talkin’ tae ma mate sayin’ hoo funny it wis that yaes a’ say ‘hings like ‘myte’ and ‘noy’ an’ he thocht it wis so funny he soaked 'is drawers. Course, he 'ad ‘is skirt on so it a’ went doon the drain. :wink:

Gotta love international forums eh? :spin: