Animated UV texture help

I cannot get animated UV textures to work. I must be missing some teeny button somewhere. In my 3D view, I unwrap suzanne’s face. In the UV/Image Editor window, I open either an avi file or a frame set. I View Properties, set the start, end, and speed settings, enable Anim. When I render the ANIM, either as an AVI or frame set, the UV texture stays stuck on the first frame of the animiation. Yes, TexFace is enabled in the material.

I do NOT want to use an animated procedural texture. I am trying to write the wiki on UV textures, and if I cant get it to work, its kinda hard to write about it…thanks in advance.

Don’t use texface. Use an image texture “Map Input” UV.

I believe there are some serious problems with the new build that you’re using. e.g. if you use the coor picker from a mix node to sample another color on the same node Blender crashes every time, no layer outputs available on image nodes yet even though the newest build advertizes such sockets, and the last time I fired my build up - when it crashed the entire dll library and .exe vanished including the .zip that I got from graphicall. Go figure.