Animated UV

Could someone be so kind as to point me to a tutorail for, or talk me thru getting the built in Animated UV functions working in 2.25 please… seems to crash both my computers imediatly no matter what i do :frowning:

i think there’s a tutorial on


I dont see one there, may just be me being blind again tho :slight_smile:

Hmm, guess she doesn’t have the uv animation one up.


Hey all, new member, just found this site and have already picked up many tips, included one on Animated UV Tex.

 saluk has a script for it on his Spinhead site, check it out  is was a great help to me, thanks!

 One question I still have though, I used the script to show  explosions in my game(using add object) and while the first bomb I detonate starts the anim on cue(initiated by the same sensor as the add ob), any others I blow after that animate from whichever frame the animtex is on....I don't no how to stop the sequence so it can be started on cue again...

My script abilities are quite poor so I can't even tweak the code to work!

Thanks again saluk for the script, hope you can help out with this q.

Hmm, that’s very odd. Are you using 2.25? It has some bugs and this might be one of them. The add object should be adding a totally new object with the default properties, and the script should only be modifying the object it’s on. I’ll see if I can repeat this bug.

thanks stick… but im trying to get the built in 2.25 function working :confused:

I’ve never tried it, but I’ve found 2.25 to be very buggy :frowning:

I’m currently running 2.23, so I don’t know if the 2.25 bug is my problem, I’m messsing around with a counter to reset the script after use…I took a look at your python tut saluk, huge help, thanks(again,damn)…soon I’ll be debugging my OWN scripts!


Heheh, I ran into this bug myself when making RunMan (because I was useing alot of added objects with animated textures.) I think the problem is that the object copies all share the same mesh information.

If you set the script to only run when a property is set to true. Then in the game add the object, set it’s property to true somehow, then add more copies of the object without setting their properties to true. You’ll see that they all recieve the transformation information from the script running on the first copy.

For those of you who know python, it’s kind of like trying to change only one item in a dictionary when several items have the same key.

For those who don’t know python, the only thing you can do for now is to make sure only one copy of the animated object exists in the game at any one time. Or don’t use animated textures on objects that will cause a problem (for explosions use a size IPO instead.)

Wow, sorry for the long-winded reply. I hope it clears things up though.

Ah, this makes sense, thanks for clearing it up wiseman. So you can really only use it if you want all the objects to animate the same, or your seperate objects have different meshes.

And don’t store multiple things in a dictionary with the same key:)

Thanks wiseman, I’ll try out an ipo explosion now. It’s probably simpler to do too.


Thanks to saluks tut on python basics, and from prying into his AnimUV script, I now have a semi playable FPS. I have a bunch of bouncy balls that explode when shot(still need to switch animUV to ipo) and a dog that walks randomly about the level, she doesn’t explode, but goespoof when shot. Next step, teach the bitch (see it’s a female dog…so) to “think” ie turn towards me when I approach, then jump to attack when in range…and eventually animate some death action, equipped with tonso’blood of course.
Wish me luck!

Good luck!

Glad my tutorial’s helping you.

Animated textures are enabled in 2.25…