Animated Volumetric effects.

Ok, I admit, I don’t get it… In the documentation of the official blender-site there’s a section on volumetric effects… it says you can also make animations with those effects in them, but strange things happen when I try. Because you use the Dupliframe option for the different layers of mist, all your layers get messed up when you animate the camera, which is parented to them…am I overlooking something, or should i just use another method…?

not quite clear on what you mean by “get messed up”

when you say the camera is “parented to them,” you mean that the CAMERA is the parent, right? otherwise, i can see how it would be messed up.

if what you want to do is to animate the mist itself, then texture ipos are what you need. make keyframes for x, y, and z offset on the cloud texture, and you should be in business.

does that solve your problem, or is it something completely different?

yes, i’m sorry for my bad english, I see now my post is ‘not quite clear’…I mean when I animate a moving camera, the dupliframes of the plane move with the camera, but every frame one stays in its position, because at that location the dupliframe is created, at the next frame, the next dupliframe holds it’s position. So you get a funny sort of ‘tunnel’ with the same shape the camera follows during the animation, which is NOT what I want, because I want all the dupliframes to be…eeer…what’s the word…perpendicular…? well, I want all the frames to stay in a nice straight line parallel to the viewing angle…

hmmm…another set of words here, I hope this is maybe a little bit more comprehensible…?

Edit: oh, yes, indeed I meant the camera is the parent…

Dupliframe your plane but don’t parent your camera to it. Rather add an Empty somewhere inside the Dupliframed stack and parent your camera to the empty. If you are using a Curve as a path for your camera you will have to parent the camera to the path and parent the Path to the Empty.


ah! Ok! Thnx very much…should’ve thought of it myself! :stuck_out_tongue: