Animated Voxels?

Hey all,

Came across this interesting link of voxel animation using smooth weighting of joints – &

Is this something that blender could eventually use?

Yeah didnt someone here write a script that did something similar? Look in the Python sub board.

Here is it like this?


this script is for normal voxels… not animated voxels… Pretty much, voxels are great for streaming in high levels of detail… but they were unanimatable… this new progression allows them for animation.

yeah - SVO is a totally different approach to what is implemented in that script. Its more like the ‘infinite detail’ idea that was floating around a while ago.

The closest thing in blender at the moment might be adaptive subdivision, but currently real SVO is not implemented. Don’t know of any plans to implement it in the near future either ( but its not something I can really say I’m desperate to see either! I’m quite happy with polygons myself… )

It´ll come one day. As for now as tempting as this technology is - our hardware isn´t there yet, at least not for the mainstream.
At one point, around 1999 there was the discussion already… Voxels or Polys.
Nvidia decided Polys are better and came up with the first graphics card with shaders and the world decided it´s great, and we use bump and normal maps instead of voxels, although voxels have been in use since the early 90s in various versions, even for games.
That´s what we got, that´s what works at the moment.

The page says:
“3M voxels; phong shading, shadow mapping and hardware skinning; 800 x 550 pixels; 36 fps; GeForce GTX 460.”

Now extrapolate it to a decent scene (not “just” one character) on a 1920*1200 screen with a GTX580.
-> unusable in practice

But it´s great, it´s a basis for upcoming hardware generations :slight_smile: