Animated walk cycle -Test

This is my first attempt at animating a simple walk cycle for a character. Im also posting this to test the link is working ok, first time i uploaded anything to MediaFire. I know the nose and the head look stupid and there are some ugly deformations but im happy with the result. Still need to animate facial expressions with key shapes. (Link Below)
K, cheers guys.

Looks good. I’m also doing walkcycles at the moment. Would be nice to see a side view of the walkcycle as its a bit difficult to tell from the front. Might just be my eyes, but it looks like his left leg goes back to much in relation with his right leg, but other than that it looks good. Now make him jump :evilgrin:

Ya, your right about the leg. Actually im seeing many things wrong with it now. His toe needs to be fixed, the leg pulled in more and i think his sliding too much.
Make him jump? You have to crawl before you can walk! (or jump in this case) :eyebrowlift:
Have you got any walk cycles u can upload and show?
Side view: