Animated Water Material

Hi guys,

Adam from polygoniq here.

For the past couple of days I’ve been improving the water material in materialiq with the main goal being to have it animated.

Because with Eevee everything is sort of animated…:slight_smile:

I’d like to hear what do you think and how would you imagine to use a material like this? I’ve been thinking about rivers and water streams too but for now this is mostly about oceans/lakes/swimming pools

Edit new render:



Made a couple of new renders:) Now I’m working on making the materials very easily controllable. :control_knobs:


Worked more on this and now the ocean stretches far and wide, among other things:) Everything is still animated^^


Looks really great!

Wow looks super real!

Thank you:)

Thank you and welcome back after 2 years^^

Now the material is ready for updating the materialiq blend files. Soon it will however also be in it’s own product.

New animation:


This is amazing! How large/complicated is the node setup?

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Hi, thank you. I don’t want to scare you but the node setup is pretty complex :slight_smile:

However I’ve tried to make it clear by organization and frames and I also created a NodeGroup for the water that makes it easier to change the essentials.

This is the “outside”

And this the “inside” :smiling_imp:


lol thanks! and wow

hello, I’m looking for a texture of this sea, I also need the normalmap, can someone help me?

hi Vincenzo, you’re in luck, this product was released 2 weeks ago.

I forgot to post an update here but here is the link to it’s blendermarket’s page:

Hi everyone,

waterial got an update a while ago which added various coconut palms and cleaned some stuff.


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