Animated Water Version 2.0!!!

Version 2.0 is better than ever! new water animation plus a demo scene!

Feel free to use this is your game you no longer need to credit me, just tell others about my texture library. but this is just a demo to promote my texture library. (Don’t forget to visit it [click my sig])

Download [Mediafire]:


Did anyone find this useful?

Personaly i think the animation is too turbulent (sorry couldn’t come up with a better word) it moves too much.

As I said I would use a different map if I were using it in my own game. Check out my library thread for more info.

Too few frames, but very good idea! it doesn’t look like a plane!

I like the splashing effect around the cylinder, it looks very cool. Thanks for sharing = )

Realistic effect! I near future I could think of add it to mine…

I will add a better example today, I’ll try a 10 frame animation but tiled more. Check out the Kuality Texture Library to get the textures!

EDIT:: Venom complimented my work =D Your amazing at level design.

Version 2.0 released!

Totally AWESOME!

Thank you =D

I’m gonna use this in my game!

How do I use it? I copyed the script, and images, and its not transparent/animated! WAA lol


Thanks for all the positive replies!!! To use it you have to set tile to 5 and DISABLE use blender materials. I don’t need credit for the setup, but just give me credit for the texture.

Also keep in mind that I use the same water texture in my games. So you may see the same texture in multiple games.

Ok, how do I do that?

(in UV editor) hit View > Real time properties > Tile: X=5 Y=1 and hit the TILE button and ANIMATION button, set the start frame at 0 and end at 4

Now turn off blender materials and hit p =D

I’m loving blender game engine more and more~!

That features been there for a while… people are just recently realizing how powerful it is. That’s why I keep posting these sort of stuff.