Animated Web Show

Hello everyone, I am in the process of making an animated web series using Blender and I was just wondering if there is anything that I should know about before going forward. I’m almost ready to begin animating, I have sets and characters modeled and about Twenty or so stories with more on the way.I was just wondering if there was any legal matters that I should know about. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Also, I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in helping me with the animation. I know that’s kind of a bold question to ask, but i thought that there was no harm in asking. I know I can do it my self, but it might go alittle faster if someone else were working with me.

Post your pictures so we can see what’s going on please;)

Ok, I’ll show some pictures, but I need to remind you that I posted this topic to find out about any issues that I might have in starting something like this. These are a couple of my main characters, I’m still in the process of modeling Tod’s cloths(Tod is the one with the big head and he is also the star) and I haven’t rigged Granny yet so her hands are sticking straight out. The show is based on comics that I used to draw. I’ll post one of the comics as well, but bear in mind that I did these for my own personal enjoyment so they are probably not very funny to anyone else. The stories for the show are much better and even tho the style looks very cutesy the show will have quiet a bit of adult humor. Also, you can see that I modified the characters a little so that they would fit int the 3d world better, but I tried to keep the models as simple as possible to go along with my style of drawing. And one more thing, all of these characters are copywritten so please do not make copies without my permission. Thank you.

oh yeah, one more thing, I haven’t completly decided on whether or not to do the show in color. I like the way it looks in black and white, but I also like the little bits of color that I’ve put in. Does anyone have any coments on that?

Well, I really like the models (they are very cartoony) and I would suggest that you add only certain coulours that won’t upset the set or the environment. Find some colors that go with the main environmental mood. Dark red is a good colour.
P.S. Have you rigged any characters, I’m eager to see some test animations!

I formally offer to rig some of your characters.

Lol im loving those characters. Good job can’t wait to see this get started.

Looking very interesting. Some very nice characters you have there.

I’d suggest to add a watermark to your pics. Although this isn’t strictly nessecary it might ease cases in which you have to proof copyright issues.

Also a webpage going along with the show is always great.