Animated Yoda

I’ve been posting this in the WIP forum for a while, but I haven’t been getting many critiques, so to this forum I go. I’m looking for critiques in anything that you don’t feel looks realistic.

I’d like critiques on
-His motions and how life-like they are/aren’t.
-The realisism of his skin and hair.
-Suggestions on how to make the cloth look better (other than not having parts poke through it. I’m working on that.)
-The lighting. I’m not happy with it, or the render times. Anybody with suggestions on better lighting for this scene or in general?
-Anything else that bugs you about him.

These video files are 1-2 MB and are compressed with Mpeg, and Divx respectively. And check out the quick poll, I would like to know if most people have it or not.

Rendered 320x240 Mpeg version

Yoda Rough Blender UI Output Test (2 MB 640x480 Divx)

It’s incredible as it is, but what I noticed is that it seems obviously textured.
Especially the clothes. The textures look stretched and too smooth.
In the WIP I already noticed the softbodies used for the cloths around the arm vibrate with every turn.
The mouth seems a bit too sharp.
I’m not sure about the eyes, they’re a bit sharp and the white texture of the eyeball is maybe a bit too much.
The lighting, maybe it’s a bit on the dark side.
I’m trying to recapture the mood of the Jedi Council and I think it has quite a bright lighting.

Good gravy, that was very skillful. I must say, it was very smooth and lifelike. You’ve obviously had a ton of practice. The only anomaly I noticed was how his outer vest “phased” through his inner vest (of vice versa… something like that). Maybe there’s some solution with rigid bodies? Aside from that, though, that little animation could have almost passed for something in an actual star wars film… well… almost. :smiley:

Pretty good job so far mate!

I would concentrait on the textures and lighting, the movement was pretty decent. As for the crashing cloth, someone should write a syflex plugin script for Blender!!! hehe :slight_smile:
Aside from that, you could try adding more lines of detail so you can add multiple bones to control it. Make sure you add enough so you have control over all the bends, but not so many that its a difficult task to animate.

Best of luck to you!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

His clothing intersects with itself in the lower right.

Aside from that I have two critiques:

  1. His head should swing slightly down and up again when he turns his head. Notice that at the beginning whne his head goes down slightly it looks more real. That’s because people’s heads tend to move in slight up/down arcs when they turn. Not always, but usually.

  2. His acting isn’t very good. Even if a character is animated with perfect realism of movement, the acting can be bad, just like real actors.

Good job, though. This is definitely among the best things I’ve seen turned out of Blender.

EDIT: Oops, didn’t notice you said not to critique the cloth intersection. Sorry. :expressionless:

I just thought of something else: you should probably make his ears wobble a little in response to his head turning.

i like it, i like it a lot. though your mesh is running into your other mesh with his shirts.

At the start of the animation, the clothing jiggles, other than that, nada from me

nothing bugs about yoda, looks great.
and the clothing is much better, than in previous version.
Just a small tweak and its done i think. Although if the
clothing was simulated then perhaps its a very very long
time of re simulating it. Well, me thinks its ilm quality wip,

His head looks great. My main critique is also with the clothes. Especially the outer shirt is very thin; there’s a very sharp border between it and the inner vest. I would make the cloth thicker, with much softer, more rounded edges. Another thing that’s a problem is that the cloth has no folds or wrinkles at all; that takes a lot away from the realism of it.

The texture is flat and looks stretched out. For the woven kind of look you seem to be going for, the strands need to be much smaller and closer together, and you need very good (high-res) texture and bump maps. Texturewise, the outer shirt looks best on his arms, then it really gets bad on his shoulders and chest.

First off nice animation/model overall, some things I noticed that I’m suprised no one else has said anything about is that his hair doesn’t sway/move when he turns his head it stays in the same position throughout. I’m not that big of a Star Wars fan but it seems like he loses his bottom lip behind his top lip toward the end of the scene. I understand the expression you are going for but it seems more like the lips would “mush” together rather than have one tuck behind the other.

Very nice work.

Sometimes the inside of Yoda’s head you can see, at the inner corner of his left eyeball it is hmm?

The brown inner shirt flickers way too much. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the hair. The face and animation look totally great, but I think the hair looks like he had steel wires extruded from his head. I don’t sound mean do I? Just critiqing.

Thanks to all with your critiques. It’s reaffirmed some things I knew were wrong, and made me think about others that I didn’t realize were problems, but I can see now. Feel free to critique anything more you see, and I should have another update soon. Anyway, a few things mentioned:

Clothing: Yes it sucks :P. Been working on it the last week, and I sould have an update soon. Just not many really good tutorials about advanced cloth modeling and mapping out there. :-? I feel like I possibly need a real clothing pattern to really make this work. We’ll see how this new version turns out.

Yoda’s textures: I’m really not quite sure where to go with this. I like the way he’s textured now, but some don’t, so maybe some suggestions? I’ll try to vary the pattern a little.

Sharp edges on mouth and eyes: I’m trying to work them out a little. Make things just a little softer and rounded.

Softbodies: Anyone have a suggestion as to get rid of that terrible wiggle at the start? Does anyone have good softbody settings for clothing (not collision detection, just the general rigidness of fabric). I’m tending to get the “sheets of rubber” look instead of cloth look.

Lighting: It’s tricky, some say too dark, some say too light. I kind of think that with the possition of the sun in the background picture I have it about right, but I’m still open to suggestions.

Yoda’s Acting :slight_smile: : I’ll see what I can do. There will be plenty of finished scenes to critique acting on soon.

Ears Wobbling (sp?): I’ve tried some softbody stuff with that, but haven’t been able to get that little bit of vibration, or wiggle, or whatever you want to call it. They either act like big floppy dog ears or don’t move noticable. Any help in the softbody department would be appreciated, and I’ll keep working to try to figure something out on my own.

Hair Motion: Is there a way to make the new static particle system delay a bit to give motion to the hair? I’ve never been able to figure out what the “animated” button does in the static particles window, it would seem like this might have something to do with that?

A couple direct questions:
CD38: Are you talking about the first video or the second (finished vs. Blender 3d view render)? In the 3d view render I took out the outer layer of his eye (the clear covering) because it is ray transparent, and so in the default 3d window his eye would just look white with no iris or pupil. So there is a gap in the first, but I don’t think there’s one in the rendered output.

LOTR Junkie: Kind of the same thing. I assume your talking about the test video, in which, yes the shirt flickers, and yes the hair looks like steel wires. The second one is rendered output, and shouldn’t have these problems. If you notice something about that one, let me know.

Hey, uhh, some people said that a cloth texture I made in GIMP is pretty realistic, and one said that it might be able to help you. I’ll tell you how I did it if your interested.

Ears Wobbling (sp?): I’ve tried some softbody stuff with that, but haven’t been able to get that little bit of vibration, or wiggle, or whatever you want to call it. They either act like big floppy dog ears or don’t move noticable. Any help in the softbody department would be appreciated, and I’ll keep working to try to figure something out on my own.

Eh… why do you have to use soft bodies? You could hand animate it, giving you full control of its motion. It should be fairly straight forward.

Here is another test animation I did. This time, Yoda has a walkcycle. It is also a compositing test. Tell me what you think of it, and tell me what you think needs to be changed.

Click Here To Download 1.5 MB MPEG Animation

By the way, a fully rigged and textured Yoda is now available to download here.

The composite looks good.:slight_smile: My crit on the animation is that I think Yoda should look more like he’s actually leaning on his staff. I think his staff is a bit too long, and that may be causing some of the problem. Good animation/composite, though.

I think it’s very good too, but the walk cycle needs work I think. There appears to be an absense of weight and he just doesn’t move like Yoda does in the movies.

A good idea might be to study how Yoda moves in the movies, especially when Frank Oz performs the puppet version in EMSB and Jedi since that’s what the animators on AOTC and ROTS based their animation on.

Because he started out as a puppet Yoda walks with a somewhat exaggerated “bounce” that’s a carry over from the style of performance Oz used with the Muppets. I would also add some minor twitching with the ears. Again, if you watch the movies Yoda’s ears aren’t rigid and static, there is a lot of subtle movement in them.

Wicked tracking. Great job with cloth this time.