Animatic Progress - WIP

I’m in the process of creating an animatic shot for my 3D animation project. This is going to be the first scene/shot of the beginning of my animatic.

I’m using Grease Pencil to create the shots for my project.

Any tips and/or advice on how to create an island for this shot will be appreciated (my animatic will need to be near good enough level of details for my animation project).

See you until the next shot of my (slight) beginner animatic with Blender.

I filled the Stroke lines with the black color. I think I’ll take a break for today and make the second rock jutting out of the ocean shot tomorrow.

Enjoy your viewing, everyone!

Oh, and if you have any tips you want to give me, I’ll be listening to what you’re telling me to in case I need to move the camera angle a bit to the side when I need to finish this animatic shot.


Coloured the first rock in the shot. Now I am going to take a short day break until tomorrow where I’ll be continuing with the shot.

I hope you all are liking my progress so far! Expect a new image tomorrow once I get back on Blender and draw in the second rock.

Happy viewing, my friends!