Animatin object in a circular path

How would I simply repeatedly animate / rotare a object around a cirular curve I created?

Just select your object then the circular curve and do CRTL-P ==> Follow path
You have also some tracking option for the object, look object panel (F7) => anim settings => track x or y or z…

when I try that the mesh is really small, and rotated incorectly, and it dosen’t follow the circle, and I don’t know how to repeat it.

I tried using an armature, and it works, but its a lot of work for just making one object spin around, especially when I don’t know how to make it repeat.

When you do what I said before the mesh rotate indefinitely. Just press alt-a to see the animation and make sure you have enough frames.

If you want to use the bone option, to repeat it just go on the IPO editor, select all the curve asigned to the mesh by pressing the “a” key, select curve => extend mode => Cyclic

Hope it help you