Animating 2d Planes, help plz.

I have this simple 2d side-scroller i’m working on and here is my first “level”:
I have these simple 2dTorches with 64x64 alpha texture that i want to animate:
How would i do this?
Do i need to know any python?
It is really easy for me to make 2d animations, like gifs and stuff, but it is similiar in-game?
Can the textures be controlled with different sensors, like a keyboard?
I want to make the torch fully destructable, so you can walk up to it, punch it, and it will crumble, i can easily make this animation to, but how do i get the animations in-game, and how do i get all the logic to work?

Lol. I had this exact same question a while ago. It covers animated textures, but as for making in crumble with a sensor, you’ll probably just have to either use an animation with shape keys or an armature, or simply replace the plane with another plane that has a different animation. Hope this helps. Love your sig by the way.
EDIT: Lol. Forgot the link. Click!