Animating a assembly line

Hi there!

I’m totally new here and I hope that I’ve chosen the right category to ask this question. Also I’m a beginner with blender (a week of intense self-training after work).

I want to create and animate a assembly line. The functionality should be similar to the rotation of a caterpillar of a tank or similar vehicles. I think the modelling is really basic, using a path that looks like it is closed and a object that looks like a part of the chain.

But what is the best way to animate it? Rotating the whole thing wouldn’t work only work if it is a perfect sphere I guess.

EDIT: I figured out that a good way to do this is to add a array modifier and a curve modifier to the mesh. Moving it around then let it move around the bevier circle. However, when exporting it to FBX, I cannot keep the circle modifier intact, so it’s useless to me. Can I somehow apply the curve modifier without loosing the ability to rotate the chains around the curve?
Here is a link to my project:

Looking forward your ideas!