Animating a Bezier circle

I am having trouble animating a certain part of my model: I can’t seem to make it animated.

The part I am having trouble with is a belt made from a Bezier circle, cut and oriented how I want it to be. I modified another Bezier circle and used it as the bevel for the first circle. This all worked fine until it came time to animate.

When I animate, I get the rest of the model to do what it is supposed to, but I can’t get the belt to move at all. I have tried inserting keyframes like I did with the other parts, but I can’t seem to make the belt move, it just stays how it was before the animation started.

Any ideas?

Blender 2.56
File / User Preferences / Addons / Animation, select the Rotobezier addon.
For earlier versions of blender, use shape keys.

Also, you only need to post this question once, no need for the same question in three different forums.

Thanks for the info.

Sorry, I didn’t realize that people browse through all the forums and I’m on a bit of a deadline.

If RotoBezier does not work for you then you’ll likely have to convert the bezier surface into a mesh.

I’m assuming you’re using an armature for your rig? You can control a bezier curve using an armature modifier, so long as you use bone envelopes. You can animate any control points in your curve that are within the influence of a bone’s envelope.

Alternatively, you can set a hook at each control point and parent those hook empties to one or more bones in your rig.