Animating a Book (Help to animate mass of pages)

Hi at all, i’m working on blender from 2 mounth, before it, i used Cinema 4D but i changed to Blender for it’s widely ammount of tutorial.
In these days I’m working on a project, I’m trying to make and to animate a book, i made the cover and it’s bones, after that i tryied to made the mass of pages flipping with the cover, but the mass of pages don’t follow the bones, i have attached my .blend file below, can anyone help me to correct errors and tell me what i did wrong? I need to solve this problem quickly because i need to finish the book for a school project, thanks to all :slight_smile:


BookCover.blend (1.12 MB)

Hi and welcome to!

By the ‘mass of pages’, do you mean the objects pages.l and pages.r? They are not moving because they are not connected to bones. 2 ways to fix this, add an armature modifier to the pages.l and pages.r objects & thier lattices, or parent the pages.l & pages.r objects (and thier latices) to the bone. You have an armature modifier on the cover, which is a separate mesh object from the pages.l & pages.r. Each mesh object needs an armature modifier on it. Or, you can select the pages.l mesh and Lat.pages.l objects, then select the armature and in pose mode select the bone you want to control the objects, do a ctrl-P -> set parent to bone. Now the mesh & lattice objects will follow the bone, because they are children of the bone.

Nice job so far!! The flipping pages animation looks good!!!