Animating a building.

Ok, so I’m trying to animate this building, but in this manner:

How can I do it?
Here’s my blend file:

The build modifier will work with the shape of with your mesh or quads. I would loop cut some to make them square or the shape you wish to see build. Parts like bricks.
Edit my mistake I do not think the build will work like that or I do not know how. Sorry

Any other method. It’s kinda urgent.

wrong section! but anyway, as kazinger said build modifier could work but you need to clean up your scene
apply modifiers where needed (Alt+C > Mesh), remove extra geometry and make face areas more consistent (the hard part) then join objects in a single mesh, and sort mesh elements (faces) to define direction of the building… get quick test here:
as an alternative consider an animated texture / material

It’s perfect! Thanks.

I can never get the build modifier to build from the ground up?