Animating a burning fuse


I’d like to make an object follow specific vertices on another object. Specifically, I want to make a softbody stringlike fuse, which can move around freely, and use absolute vertex keys to animate it burning down. The end of the fuse should have a particle generating object attached, to create the sparks. This object should follow any swinging or jiggling motion of the fuse and also obviously follow the end of the fuse as it burns up. It seems like ideally I’d like to parent the particle generator to some specific set of vertices in the fuse, but I don’t know how to do something like that.

Thanks for any tips.



Your fuse can be a bezier curve and your particle emitter is another object (like a circle mesh) that will follow the path.

The curve can also use dupliverts so that the fuse looks like whatever material you had in mind.
Use this link

and review bezier curves, dupliverts and roller coaster.

Also, From the Blender wiki – List of control keys.

Parent one object to another and ‘follow path’

I hope this is enough to get you started. There is also a fuse animation (search fireworks on elysiun) and you can see the result of someone else’s efforts. Sorry I don’t recall that link.


Thanks very much. I’ll look into these suggestions.


Scroll all the way down to find the burning fuse solution.

Wow, that’s a pretty intense looking tutorial. I’ll definitely try to work through that one. Thanks.