animating a car?

i want to go about making an animation comparable to the physics in this video demonstrating 3DSmax’s reactor engine

i’ve followed this tutorial:

but i cant get “record game physics to ipo” to work for the wheels.
am i even looking in the right direction or is there a different technique?

assistance is appreciated. i’ve been googling this for a while now

Car Animation Tutorial is here

well, i want a vehicle setup that utilizes the game engine so the car can realistically bounce back and forth over a bumpy surface.

oh and i got the wheels to record to ipo curve but while i was messing around with the car, i realized the wheels are just there for show. the actual collision “shape” of the wheel seems to be a vertical plane down the center of each wheel.

can this be corrected? i’d like the wheels to collide like actual cylinders

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