Animating a Car???

Hi does anyone know how to animate the wheels of a car going forward\backwards as well as turning left and right because I’m currently stuck due to the fact that I’ve just finished vertex painting my model and dunno how to get to the animating mode? Thanks for the help.

i know, ill give you a rig, but ill need the car.blend?

Have a look at Philippe Roubal’s Animated Car Tutorial.

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Direct link to download is here:

There is a trick to getting the wheels to roll. You must be on frame #1 and press ALT-P in the code/text window. This activates the script that rolls the wheels. Without that, the wheels will not roll, however, steering still occurs. It’s in the read me of the scene file as well, so read all that info too.

Car models are available on: (do a seach for free blender camaro)